New Website


Wow!!! Life has taken many turns since I last wrote in this blog. My heart’s passion has always been to discover a better thought on every subject.

I decided to act on that passion and start a new blog:

Check it out! It’s where I do all my writing these days.

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Castello di Amorosa

NapaVineyardPhoto courtesy of Tom Clements Photography

Hi Everyone! Bunch of new posts from our Napa trip over at Check ’em out and sign up over there to receive posts directly to your inbox. It’s a self-hosted site, so they won’t show up in your wordpress feed.

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Hello! There’s a new post about “Rest” today over at: I’ll be phasing out this blog soon, so if you haven’t had a chance to check out my new one, and haven’t signed up to receive posts via your e-mail, I’d love it if you did!

Have a great weekend and thanks for checking out the new blog!

New Post

Howdy! There’s a new post at, and if you were an e-mail subscriber here, I’ve migrated your subscription to my new blog. If you’ve been reading these posts through the WordPress reader, and want to read them through your e-mail, I’d love for you to head over to the new blog and subscribe.

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Celebrating Life & New Blog


I’m excited to announce my new blog: For awhile, I’ve been wanting to get the blog out of my personal name and have it reflect all of my interests. What began as a way to keep my family and friends updated on school and travels, has grown into a desire to communicate all the interests rolling around my head. The new blog allows me to start with a broader expectation and I’m excited to keep it going and growing. Also, the new name allows me to incorporate other future projects and vision… there’s room to create. Read my first post (in the new blog) to understand where the name came from.

In the next couple days, I’ll be moving some of this old content to the new blog, and I’ll be moving my current subscribers. (You can always “opt out” when you receive the e-mail notification.) Signing up to receive posts via e-mail is the easiest way to stay connected. They literally come right to your inbox and you can quickly delete when you’re done with your couple minute read. 🙂 Convenient, eh?

Thanks so much for traveling with me this past year. I have loved staying connected, and hope to continue doing so. Celebrating life today…trusting you are, too!


Radnor Lake, TN & News

RadnorLakeTreesHello! A quick post today…

Last weekend, we discovered this little gem of a park, just a short drive north of us. It has almost eight miles of hiking trails and left us feeling like we were back in the WI Northwoods.

While hiking the trail, we happened upon a flock of these:RadnorLakeTurkey

Being a game preserve, they have quite a few animals and birds…kind of makes you tread lightly. It was a quintessential fall day and I loved breathing in the crisp, wet air.

In other news, we bought a house! We’ll be building in Canterbury Estates in Thompson’s Station, so there will be posts in the days ahead about the process, I’m sure. We’re relieved and excited to have the decision out-of-the way. Real Estate is a whole different monkey down here and your dollar doesn’t go near as far, but the resale is better so it’s a trade-off. We’re at peace with our decision and the target move-in date is early April.

Planning to check out a near-by art show this weekend…we hardly ever get to walk them as customers, so that’ll be fun. Are you planning to take in an event near you this weekend? If so, have a great time!